Titus Stahl

New project about hope

I am very happy to report that, together with Claudia Blöser from Goethe University Frankfurt, I have been granted a Non-Residential Fellowship from the Hope and Optimism project which is run by Notre Dame and Cornell.

Our project proposal has the title “Fundamental Hope. Individual, Social and Political Perspectives”.

To quote the abstract

Our proposed joint research project will pursue two interrelated questions in the philosophy of hope – what hope is and what rational norms hope is subject to. We suggest that a central reason that people have for sustaining their hope is its role for their identity as practical agents. When hope fulfills a constitutive role in one’s practical identity, we refer to this as fundamental hope. Our project spells out the rationality of fundamental hope in regard to attitudes of individual persons and of groups and communities. Thus, our proposed project is comprised of two subprojects that are linked by the common conception of fundamental hope.

My particular part of the project will focus on the following questions:

  • What role does fundamental hope play in intersubjective relationships?
  • Can groups hope?
  • What is the significance of fundamental social hope for political philosophy?

Given the significance of hope in contemporary political discourse in both the U.S. and Europe, we hope (!) that we can shed some light on the role that hope plays for individual persons, for relationships between persons and for groups and political communities.

Research results will be reported here!