Titus Stahl

Elsevier moves against unauthorized scientific literature sharing websites

As Torrentfreak reports, the Elsevier publishing company has filed court complaints against various websites where huge amounts of scientific literature are available for free which is not authorized by the copyright holders.

The article also reports that many students and academics in poorer countries rely on these websites which probably have the effect of making modern research accessible to more people than any other institution in human history before.

But, luckily, it’s not – as you might have thought – about protecting the profits of an industry that mainly sells the products of the tax-funded labor of academics back to the tax payer, it’s all about quality control.

Tom Allen, President of the Association of American Publishers (AAP), informs TF that websites such as […] pose a threat to the quality of scientific publications, as well as the public health.

“Scholarly publishers work to ensure the accuracy of the scientific record by issuing corrections and revisions to research findings as needed; […] typically does not,” Allen says.