Titus Stahl

Crowdfunding the independent press in Greece

I have no information about whether this is serious and politically attractive, but it might be of interest: “Here’s an idea: instead of #crowdfundgreece, why not donate to something that will make a real difference to Greeks, right now”:

According to the NGO Reporters Without Borders, Greece ranks 93rd in the global index of press freedom (placing it last in Europe). Private TV channels, newspapers and radio stations are majority owned by 5 key families, who use them to ensure their family of companies obtain government contracts. These private media outlets are members of large groups of companies who undertake construction projects, and shipowners who control the oil trade and imports.


But new technologies have created new communication channels.

ThePressProject is one of them. We started in 2010 with the onset of the crisis, as a simple twitter account, and today provide 24/7 news through a website that reaches up to two million unique visits per day, in a country where broadband connections are, according to official figures, at 4.6 million.

The site operates in both Greek and English, and we also produce 6 hours of radio programmes every day that are broadcast free via 13 radio stations throughout Greece. Additionally, in the last six months we created a TV studio , from which we present extraordinary broadcasts of breaking developments.