Titus Stahl

Racist attacks in Germany on a daily basis now

Almost every night, there is an arson attack in some area of Germany on immigrant housing now. Today, it was in Nauen. In the town of Heidenau, a racist mob attacked an immigrant housing facility two days in a row, with very little police only half-heartedly protecting them. Although the mob attacked the police with stones, bottles and fireworks over the course of two nights, only one person was arrested (normally, the German police is not quite so cautious. As the taz newspaper notes, in a recent protest against a coal mine, the police pressed charges against over 800 people although they did not use any violence.)

After two days, a number of leftist activists travelled to Heidenau to protect the immigrants. At this point, the police miraculously regained their confidence and apparently used intense violence to drive the leftists away. The police union is now demanding that demonstrations near immigrant housing should be outlawed — and the cite “leftist chaots” next to racists as one of the reasons for this demand. In effect, such a law would make it illegal for anti-racists to protect refugees from the mob.