Titus Stahl

Technology should emancipate workers, not oppress them

A very interesting article at AlJazeera:

On the Amazon exploitation story:

Labor control has always played an important role in capitalist economies. It’s not just about monitoring and managing the workforce but also about creating a certain type of worker. Exploitative technologies mold employees into the kind of worker that capitalism thrives on — productive, docile and exhausted. Docile workers are obedient and submit themselves to the company; they either internalize their roles in the system or play along, because it’s harder not to.

On the future:

In the age of Amazon, we need ways to envision and institute technologies of emancipation — ones explicitly infused with a politics of equity, social well-being and liberation from exploitative labor practices — that aim to complement and empower humans instead of push them to keep moving, toiling and producing until they are no longer useful or can’t stick it out any longer.