Titus Stahl

Kickstart Own-Mailbox, a personal mail server for your home with integrated, transparent PGP support

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Own-Mailbox is a personal email server you can run in your own home, with strong privacy protection measures integrated at its core. It provides self-hosted email addresses, or connects with your existing email address. In both cases, you can seamlessly send and receive encrypted emails from anywhere in the world, through the Own-Mailbox webmail interface, or using external email software (such as Thunderbird or Outlook).

Own-Mailbox, is very easy to set-up and use – as easy as a GMail account.

Own-Mailbox automatically encrypts your emails using Gnu Privacy Guard, a strong encryption software. This is the same software that has been used by Edward Snowden (as shown in the movie Citizenfour).

Own-Mailbox allows you to send and receive 100% confidential messages even with people who don’t use email encryption yet. For this purpose we introduce PLM, a new technique that allows you to send a filtered and temporary HTTPS link to your contacts. This link points to your private message hosted on your Own-Mailbox.