Titus Stahl

EFF has a surveillance self-defense toolkit for researchers

The Electronic Frontier Foundation offers now a surveillance self-defense toolkit for academic researchers.

From the announcement:

Academic researchers by necessity spend a lot of their time thinking about how to minimize harm in the conduct of their research. Prompted by the dark history of abuses in human subjects research, research ethics have become a deeply ingrained part of methods training and institutional review.

But what it means to minimize harm may be evolving in the digital age, as researchers encounter threats from an increasing number of sources. There is no easy solution to conducting research ethically in an environment of mass surveillance—but there are practices that researchers can adopt to ensure they are doing the best they can to protect their data and keep participants well informed of the evolving landscape of risks.

Today we’re unveiling a new playlist for Surveillance Self-Defense intended to help academic researchers navigate the complicated maze of considerations involved in conducting their research in a safe and secure way.