Titus Stahl

The achievements of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Qz.co has a very nice article on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. While I am not too sure about the idea that it has succeeded where Wikipedia has failed (given the divergent goals of both projects), I can wholeheartedly agree with the general analysis that the combination of Open Access, a great treatment of authors (who keep all rights) and the unique financing model has made the project into a smashing success:

The story of how the SEP is run, and how it came to be, shows that it is possible to create a less trashy internet—or at least a less trashy corner of it. A place where actual knowledge is sorted into a neat, separate pile instead of being thrown into the landfill. Where the world can go to learn everything that we know to be true. Something that would make humans a lot smarter than the internet we have today.

I’m proud to be an author!