Titus Stahl

Mailbox.org adds TOR hidden service for private email use

Since quite a while, I am a happy user of mailbox.org. It’s a German e-mail provider that can be used anonymously (you can send them cash in an envelope if you like), that supports your own domain names, has optional PGP encryption for incoming mail using your public key, shows you whether a TLS connection can be established to your recipient when you use the web interface, and has loads of other interesting features, not to mention a very progressive privacy policy. Now, they have made their mail servers also usable as TOR hidden services (German only), enhancing greatly the anonymity of their users.

I can fully recommend them – even though I am a bit unhappy with their idea to offer PGP encryption in the web app which requires them to access an unencrypted version of your private key on the server side. This is definitely a bad idea and they should rather support Mailvelope instead. But that feature is optional and PGP can be safely used via the usual clients, so it’s not a major objection.