Titus Stahl

CfP: Hegel and the Frankfurt School

at the Hegel Bulletin (attention: link goes to Facebook)

Hegel Bulletin Special Issue 2017 Call for papers ‘Hegel and the Frankfurt School’ The Hegel Bulletin will publish a special issue devoted to the topic of Hegel and the Frankfurt School (from Marx to Honneth). Rahel Jaeggi and Fred Rush are confirmed contributors. The range of themes of possible relevance to this special issue is vast, extending across metaphysics, social and political theory, ethics, history, religion and aesthetics. Accepted submissions will illuminate specific parts of both Hegel and Critical Theory. We welcome equally historical papers that base their argument on careful textual analysis and reconstructive papers that frame their argument in the context of contemporary debates. Authors are encouraged to contact one of the guest editors in advance of submission if they are unsure of whether their papers are appropriate for the special issue. All papers (7000 words to 10000 words) are double-blind refereed. The editors of the special issue on Critical Theory are Brian O’Connor (brian.oconnor@ucd.ie) and Paul Giladi (paul.giladi@gmail.com). The deadline for submissions is 31 October 2016 Please submit your papers by e-mail to: hbsi2017@gmail.com