Titus Stahl

Panopticlick checks whether your web browser is protected against fingerprinting

Many companies and perhaps also intelligence agencies track the Internet behavior of people by compiling a “fingerprint” of their web browsers, that is, a set of information which uniquely identifies one particular computer configuration. If you want to preserve your privacy, it is thus recommended that you configure your browser such that it only provides very general information that does not uniquely distinguishes you from other Internet users.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has now released a new version of their “Panopticlick” web tool that helps you discover how vulnerable your browser is.

In order to keep people from tracking you, you can install the following extensions (for Firefox):

  • Privacy Badger – an add-on produced by the EFF that uses a learning algorithm to detect and block tracking attempts.
  • uBlock origin – an ad blocker that allows you to configure it such that it not only blocks ads, but also trackers.